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If you can’t get to Cyprus soon, grab a warm bite of Kynthos Halloumi and close your eyes while imagining white sand beaches, turquoise waters. This cheese’s squeaks alone may induce smiles. Halloumi is a great blank slate of sorts to create endless, easy dishes all year-round. It can be grated, fried, grilled, baked, sautéed or simply eaten raw (with watermelon for a real treat!). Add any sauce to suit your mood and some simple ingredients to make a one-pan-wonder. Layer between slices of bread or skewered on kabobs for easy and enjoyable quick meals. 


Halloumi is a fresh, un-ripened frying cheese similar to a clean, light and lactic tasting mozzarella if it were much firmer and slightly saltier. Halloumi has been increasingly eaten all over the world since its creation in what is now known as the Middle Eastern island country of Cyprus back during the Medieval Byzantine period which started in 395 AD. Halloumi is widely recognized throughout the Mediterranean as the crowning cheese jewel of Cyprus cuisine as well as in neighboring Turkey and Greece.


Crafted with cow, goat
and sheep's milk 

Halloumi typically produced with different mixes of milk types, but thankfully, Kynthos makes it simple to choose theirs by including a killer combination of cow, sheep, and goat milk. The result is a subtly complex taste well suited to stand on its own as equally well as it does when paired with other ingredients.

What makes Halloumi stand out even further is its very high melting point due to a naturally low acid content. Since it only softens significantly when heated but does not melt, Halloumi allows for grilling, frying, and cooking in a variety of styles usually reserved for meats or firmer vegetables and proteins. 

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