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Kynthos Grilling Cheese is a white-yellowish, hard-ripened cheese crafted from the finest cow's milk. With its firm body and a few irregular holes, Kynthos offers a unique texture that is both sliceable and meltable. The cheese's distinct salty flavor enhances its versatility, making it a perfect addition to any meal. Whether you're grilling, frying, or melting, Kynthos Grilling Cheese delivers a delicious and satisfying experience every time.

Kynthos Grilling Cheese comes in three delectable varieties: Original, Garden Herbs, and Barbecue. The Original variety provides the pure, unadulterated flavor of our quality cheese, perfect for those who appreciate the basics. Garden Herbs infuses the cheese with a blend of fresh, aromatic herbs, adding a vibrant and earthy dimension to your dishes. The Barbecue variety offers a smoky, tangy twist that pairs wonderfully with grilled meats and vegetables.


Each variety maintains the cheese's superior melting ability. Kynthos Grilling Cheese is the ideal option for creating the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, adding a rich and creamy layer to your favorite bread. On burgers, Kynthos melts beautifully, providing a luscious, gooey topping that elevates the burger to new heights. When shredded over potatoes and baked to perfection, it forms a crispy, golden crust that is irresistibly delicious. No matter how you use it, Kynthos Grilling Cheese brings a touch of gourmet quality to every meal.

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